Hobby Farm to Felicities Farm Shop

Hobby Farm campsite to Felicities Farm Shop, Morcombelake

DISTANCE: 1 mile 
TIME: 25 mins
OVERVIEW: Mainly walking along quiet road where cars sometimes may pass. A few gentle hills. A style or gate to cross. Please keep dogs on leads where sheep/cattle are in fields.

Hobby Farm to Felicities Farm Shop

Description of Walk

This walk takes you through a section of the sprawling village of Ryall. Generally easy walking in the village along the meandering road to the A35, where Felicities Farm Shop is situated on the opposite side of the road. 

From Hobby Farm Campsite field, turn right and go along the path that runs along the side of the field.  Keep going into the wooded area and go through the field which rises slightly and head towards the style half way up.  If you have a dog, you may need to take the gate option which is  just a little way to the right of the style.  Once through this field, head towards the house as displayed in the 2nd image and through the gate there.  If sheep are present in either of these fields, please put dogs on a lead.  

Once through the gate, take a right turn and head all the way to the top of the track up a steep hill (with horses at the top to your right). At the top of this lane, you will meet the road and take a left turn towards the village of Ryall.  Keep going along this road all the way to the A35.  It will meander and turn and take you up a few hills with  houses all along the route.  Stop and take a look at the breathtaking views across the beautiful Marshwood Vale.

Keep going straight along the road and eventually you will see a sea view.  Keep going along the road which then dips downwards towards the A35.  You will see Felicities Farm Shop as you get to the end on the opposite side the road.

On the way back, you might want to do a detour which takes you up to Hardown Hill (with even more breathtaking views).  You will see the turning just behind the sign for Bluebell Cottage which you passed on the way.  Just take the right fork and you will be there in minutes and return this way again to the road in Ryall or it is possible to go over the other side of Hardown Hill and come back along Pitman lane which then brings you out to the same road where you started in Ryall.  You can then pickup the track back down to Hobby Farm campsite here.